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External Gear Pumps



External Gear Pumps



  • "KLASSIC" Rotary gear pumps are useful for handling following viscous and semi viscous liquid.
  • All Kind of fish and animal oils.
  • Soap Solutions , Glycerin , Glycol and Glue
  • Clean lube oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Ground nut oil, Cotton seed oil and Hydraulic oil.
  • Sugar molasses and syrups.
  • Rotary gear pumps are widely used in paper mills, refineries, Steel mills and textile Industries
  • Paints & Varnish , Viscous Chemical , Printing Ink.


  • The SEG series of KLASSIC pump has modified profile of teeth to give accurate discharge within the pressure range .
  • All these are self lubricated pumps recommended for use where the liquid to be transferred has lubrication properties Hence the bearing are lubricated by the pumping fluid and do not need any external lubrication.
  • All Positive displacement rotary gear pumps are self priming pumps with suction lift of 5 meters at mean viscosity and speed 1440 rpm
  • Easy maintenance due to availability and interchangeability of spares.
  • All KLASSIC gear pumps are designed and assembled and with close tolerances to reduce the mechanical losses, thus it consumes less power and operates at higher efficiency.
  • The helical gear design delivers constant volume without and pulsation. It also reduces internal slippage and gives high volumetric efficiency.
  • Compact in size and highly economical


  • Pressure:  Up to 10 Kg / cm2
  • Discharge:  10 LPM to 500 LPM
  • Pipe Size:  1/4" BSP to 3" BSP




Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps


Typical Applications:

  • Transfer from tank to tank
  • Emptying of barrels
  • Ease of assembling and dismantling without disturbing the pipeline.
  • Lubricating and cooling of bearings ,gears, mechanical seals and machine tools
  • Fuel oil booster


Liquids Handled:

  • Neutral liquids with lubricating properties
  • Lube Oil
  • Fuel oil


Special Executions:

  • Specially coated internals for pumping of non -lubricating liquids.
  • Engineering plastics rotor set for chemicals & low viscosity fluids
  • Specially designed pumps for vacuum duty applications
  • Uni-directional.


Advantages of SIG Pumps:

  • Single shaft - well supported at both ends
  • High volumetric and overall efficiencys
  • Ease of assembling and dismantling without disturbing the pipeline.
  • Choice of oil seal / Mechanical seal / gland pack.Parts / Pumps interchangeable with well known brands
  • High suction lift and low noise level as well as vibrations
  • Compact and light - weight design
  • Continuous, pulsation free flow due to axial entry in pumping element